Installing Applications

Base packages

Here I will list some of the packages that provide "base" functionality.

Keyring service: gnome-keyring

It is a collection of components that stores secrets (passwords, certificates, etc...) and makes them available to applications.


  • wofi: An application launcher for wayland (similar to rofi).
  • ranger: A TUI file manager.
  • thunar: A GUI file manager.
  • mpv: A powerful, easily extensible media player.
  • vlc: Media player for normies.
  • qutebrowser: A keyboard centric browser with Vim-motions for navigation.


This is an system service that will manage your processor clocks based your battery status. A must for laptops! (useless on desktops).

// TODO: walkthrough installation

Firefox extensions

  • uBlock Origin.
  • Bitwarden - Free Password Manager.
  • Dark Reader.
  • Disable WebRTC.
  • Enhancer for YouTube.
  • SponsorBlock for YouTube.
  • FastForward.
  • New Tab Override (setup a custom webpage on new tab).
  • Simple Tab Groups.
  • TWP - Translate Web Pages.
  • User-Agent Switcher and Manager.
  • ClearURLS.