Open Source Alternatives

Instead of using proprietary applications, how about you try some of these applications.

OSS Clients for Proprietary applications

  • Webcord is a Open source client for discord. Install the binary version using the command paru -S webcord-bin

FOSS applications

  • Using code, instead of visual-studio-code-bin. Code is the open source version that vscode is base on. However you will need to use the Open VSIX registry to install extensions rather than vscode marketplace. You can still install extensions from the vscode marketplace by downloading the .vsix file.

  • Using logseq-desktop-bin as an app for note-taking. Inspired from org-mode and roam-research. An amazing tool for note taking, learn more on their website.

  • Using insomnia-bin, instead of postman-bin. Insomnia is an API client and Design platform for GraphQL and REST.

  • You should definitely be using firefox over any other browser. It offers the best customization and is much better than chrome.