Network Manager

This is a program that handles network connections!

You can use it using the nmcli command.


By default, wifi passwords are saved in clear text. Therefore anyone with root priviledges can access the password using the command

grep -r '^psk=' /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/

Check #Securing wifi passwords for more

Connecting to WiFi

# turn wifi on
sudo nmcli radio wifi on
# list networks
sudo nmmli dev wifi list
# connect to a network using its ssid
sudo nmcli dev wifi connect <network-ssid> --ask

Connecting to eduroam

If you are in an institute that uses eduraom, you can visit the eduroam website to download an installer.

The installer is a python3 script. However python is a symlink to python3 by default on arch linux, so we can simply run it after marking it as executable.

# making it executable
chmod +x <the file name>
# execute the file

Securing WiFi passwords

To secure passwords you will need a keyring running. (Check the apps page).

Now run nm-connection-editor in your terminal, select a network connection and click Edit. Now select the Wifi Security tab and click on the right icon of password and check Store the password only for this user.