Wayland is the new display server protocol being developed as an alternative (and hoping to replace) X11/Xorg.

Here are the packages I'd install to use Hyprland.

To make things easier I'm going to be using paru

paru -S noto-fonts noto-fonts-emoji noto-fonts-cjk ttf-jetbrains-mono ttf-font-awesome \
        sxiv feh mpv zathura zathura-pdf-mupdf ffmpeg fzf man-db zip unzip unrar \
        papirus-icon-theme dosfstools ntfs-3g git pipewire pipewire-pulse vim neovim \
        arc-gtk-theme rsync firefox neofetch helix libnotify jq aria2 mako ranger \
        waybar xdg-user-dirs libconfig polkit kitty networkmanager emacs-nativecomp \
        dhcpcd wpa_supplicant pamixer mpd ncmpcpp swaylock wofi wlogout wl-clipboard \
        hyprland waybar-hyprland-git


This is my WM (Window Manager) of choice on wayland.

To read more on configuring Hyprland, visit the Hyprland page

Here are some packages that you will need if you are using a wayland/wlroots based compositor.

  • swaylock: a simple screen lock.
  • wlogout: a simple logout menu.
  • wofi: wayland version of rofi, an applications launcher.
  • wl-clipboard: clipboard functionality like xclip.
  • mako: notification daemon.